Last week of 18 week SS FTP test & break before next plan

Hi all,

Noticed something about yesteday’s (Sunday) workout which was 3hrs Z2 with Sprints - I noticed when I read the workout notes to do 3hrs Z2 but for the middle 60mins do 5sec sprints every 10mins. However when I started the workout on my head unit it was programmed for sprints every 10mins for the full 3hrs - so I followed along due to my OCD, was no biggie ended up with 200 TSS instead of the prescribed 150.

I"m now in my last week of training this week & looking ahead at my workouts and have fairly a big weekend ahead with a 4hr Interval-esque SS ride for 256 TSS then a 2.5hr Freestyle SS ride for 185 TSS on Sunday, regular Monday off then FTP test on Tuesday. My question is I feel I need can I take an extra day rest before and do FTP test on Wednesday or should I just FtFP? I think I know the answer but just thought I’d ask in case I feel I need it.

My next question, is I have another plan which I can begin right away, SS 4 Polarized, but thinking of taking a week or 2 off to do a few out of area group rides I’d like to do, how much time can I take off without doing workouts but riding regularly without losing fitness/ftp and do I need to complete another FTP test for the start of the next plan or can I just keep & use the data from FTP test at the end of my 18 Wk SS?


Both of these questions would be a custom coaching solution I’d encourage you to speak with a coach about:

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