New Version Release Notes

I see that there is a new version of the app out there. I’ve installed the upgrade (1.1.0 (34)). In the App Store there is note that give one this link to read it.

When I go there, I get prompted for a user ID and password. I tried my FasCat one and the FasCat forum one with no joy. How do I read these?

It would make sense to me to provide a way to look at the release notes from within the app.

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  • Added improvements for all Whoop accounts that can now be connected to the Optimize app

  • Fixed an issue with users trying to delete their account from the app profile page

  • Added the app version to the login screen so users can report version without logging in

  • Last names with less than 4 characters can now be entered in the last name field during account creation

  • The app version at the bottom of the profile page can now be seen on all device sizes

  • Password reset requests no longer will go to customer’s spam or junk inboxes

  • When selecting a training plan the order of plans now makes more sense (from basic to pro instead of random)

  • CTL calculation improvements for the Optimize needle

  • Now handling some null values form Garmin 955 watches that caused issues with Optimize

  • Users who created accounts on the web now should have all activities, sleeps and HRVs imported to the app in the correct timezone

  • Canceling the log in with Google process will no longer crash the app

  • Entering a user’s password incorrectly no longer leaves the user in a dead end requiring app restart

  • Users can now delete their account without errors

  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to select a monthly or yearly subscription on the payment pages

  • Android uses should now be able to enter text in the customer support chat page of the app

  • Zwift connections should now be working more robustly

  • Activities with lots of paused time will no longer cause inflated OTS scores