NEW Online Training Zones Calculator! 🔥

Hey FasCats,

Exciting news! (or at least we think so😜 )
Since the creation of our training plans we have always had athletes use our training zones spreadsheet to calculate their zones based on the results from their 20-minute field test. While this still spreadsheet still does the trick, we have an even easier solution for determining your zones… an online calculator!

You can find it here:

Be sure to bookmark it so you can easily find it when its time to update your zones!


Why are some of the HR and power training zones defined differently in the Optimize app from the Fascat zones spreadsheet? for example, in Optimize, zone 2 is defined as 64-74% for HR. But in the spreadsheet zone 2 is 69-83%. For power, Zone 2 is almost the same but not quite: Optimize has it 59-75% and the spreadsheet has it 56-75%.

I noticed some of the zone percentages shown in my Optimize app today don’t match the screen shots on this page Sweet Spot & Cycling Training Zones Calculator – FasCat Coaching

What’s up? which zones are right? I had the old zones set up on my Garmin Edge and was getting confused why the Garmin numbers didn’t correspond to the Optimize numbers.


Well spotted and thanks for raising it.

Just joined the trial and spotted the same thing with both power and HR as compared to my data in Training Peaks, Garmin, and Strava. Curious when this will be fixed so I can fairly evaluate the platform.

Looks like FasCat admin don’t come to the forum anymore. It’s very quiet on here nowadays.

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I asked in the Optimize support function and the reply was that the recent changes to the zone %s in the app were intentional.