FasCat Zone Spreadsheet

Hi Team,

This could be a dumb question from a newbie…

Heading out tomorrow to smash out the Field Test. I had a look at the FasCat zone calc spreadsheet and noticed that the formulas for calculating Sweet Spot off the Heart Rate Threshold differ somewhat to the discussions in the forums and the articles.

The spreadsheet calculates sweet spot range using 0.9 - 1.0 * Threshold Heart Rate. The FasCat literature uses (0.88 - 0.97 * Threshold Heart Rate) and (0.84-0.97 * of Threshold Power). Or have I got this completely wrong : - /

Should I use the spreadsheet formula or the 0.88-0.97 ?

Apologies if this has all been thrashed out previously but I trawled the forum and couldn’t see anything.

And no I’m not trying to delay the field test tomorrow : - )