Setting up Power and Heart Rate zones

Email Question from Jack:

I bought a 18 weeks Sweet Spot training plan. To set up the correct training zones in Trainingpeaks I did the 20 min. field test.

The result:

The NP is 243 W (*0,95 = 231) and my AVG HR is 181 BPM.

Are the zones in the sheet my correct Power and HR training zones?


It’s strange that HR zone 5 (>192 BPM) is higher than my real HR max = 191 BPM. Therefore I’m a little bit confused, is this correct?

Thanks, best regards,

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Hi Jack!

To answer you questions also take off 5% of your threshold heart rate. So that would be 172 bpm. Zone 5 heart rate would now be 182 bpm +. Which that makes more sense for you. As a field test is basically a Zone 5 effort as you are 5% over your FTP (Zone 5 power 105 - 130%) and this effort you were in that range with a heart rate of over 182 bpm.


For Heart Rate zones in Training Peaks, do we use Lactate Threshold-Andy Coggin (found here

Yes! We just use the Andy Coggin 5 heart rate zones. As we do with power we will add a sweet spot zone. In the spreadsheet sweet spot heart rate is 90 - 100% of your Threshold heart rate.