Setting up Power and Heart Rate zones

Email Question from Jack:

I bought a 18 weeks Sweet Spot training plan. To set up the correct training zones in Trainingpeaks I did the 20 min. field test.

The result:

The NP is 243 W (*0,95 = 231) and my AVG HR is 181 BPM.

Are the zones in the sheet my correct Power and HR training zones?


It’s strange that HR zone 5 (>192 BPM) is higher than my real HR max = 191 BPM. Therefore I’m a little bit confused, is this correct?

Thanks, best regards,

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Hi Jack!

To answer you questions also take off 5% of your threshold heart rate. So that would be 172 bpm. Zone 5 heart rate would now be 182 bpm +. Which that makes more sense for you. As a field test is basically a Zone 5 effort as you are 5% over your FTP (Zone 5 power 105 - 130%) and this effort you were in that range with a heart rate of over 182 bpm.


For Heart Rate zones in Training Peaks, do we use Lactate Threshold-Andy Coggin (found here

Yes! We just use the Andy Coggin 5 heart rate zones. As we do with power we will add a sweet spot zone. In the spreadsheet sweet spot heart rate is 90 - 100% of your Threshold heart rate.

Hi Jake,

I just ordered and started the 32 week plan today and completed a field test. I do not have a powermeter right now but over the 20 mins my avg heartrate was 180. So I take 5% of that to get my threshold heart rate which would be 171. From there I would create a sweet spot zone and that range will be 90-100% of 171 or 154 - 171, correct? I am working on getting a powermeter but wanted to stay ahead and fTFP :slight_smile:

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Yup you are on the right track there! You will be fine with using your heart rate. But also with heart rate training do not forget to use perceived exertion as well. Heart rate does have some variables such as sleep, caffeine and heat but also heart rate will not respond to an effort instantly. So don’t jump hard into efforts trying to get it to respond. It will work its way there.