My Ocd is kicking in

So as the title suggests, TP is driving me nuts.
The whole color coding based on workout completion thing…
I have it set to color according to TSS. Yesterday for example did the 1h workout, then added 30mins Z2. Workout ended up yellow in TP.
Today, did the 1h workout, added 1 more hour of Z2 at the end of the workout.
Workout ended up dark orange.

This is really triggering my Ocd. Is there something i can do to have the workout turn green when i add Z2 at the end of the workouts?

You can manually adjust the planned TSS value so that it is closer to what you completed.
Just make sure you are not going over too much so that you don’t cook yourself and can’t FtFP your key workouts :slight_smile:

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1st of all, thank you for the answer @Lacey_Rivette .
You think doing 1h Z2 post workout is too much? Should i stick to 30 mins? And if i add 30mins after every workout. Is that a bad thing?

30 minutes added to each ride is potentially 2.5+ hours of extra volume per week. I’d look at how much extra you do over the course of the week and determine if the next level plan would be more appropriate for your time and fitness. A coach can confirm but I suspect if it puts you in time-investment range of the next level plan it could result in a more optimized use of your training time than simply tacking on more zone 2 across-the-board.

Your goals could easily make that assumption untrue, such as if you’re adding that zone2 to burn calories or train for a longer low intensity event, but it might be worth adding up the time you can invest and consider what is the best mix of intensities for you to do within those time constraints.


:point_up_2:@chad nailed it! If you are adding an hour most days & still recovering well, you could easily be doing the next level plan.

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I see your point.
I’ll evaluate for a few weeks if i’m recovering well or not. Then i’ll decide if i should change to the next level plan.
Any chance you can email me a screenshot of a typical week or 2 of the intermediate plan (any SS plan) so i can see the difference please @Lacey_Rivette ? Or via private message, whichever you prefer…

Best to #FtFP - because by the time you evaluate - and if you determine you are not recovering then its too late to do anything about it other than rest and regroup. Low power output. Think there was a thread earlier in the week of an athlete here that shared his experience from skipping a rest week/training too much.

I think the best path to success is to follow the plan without substantial deviation OR hire a coach if you want customization.

Why is the overarching sentiment to train more more more?? More does not == better. Whats better is recovering sooner and executing higher quality training sessions. That nets you your greatest performance.

Of course I have no idea how old you are, your lifestyle, how well you are performing during your workouts, etc - all the things a coach would know (thus the 1x1 coaching suggestion)

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Thx for the reply @FRANK ,
I understand the 1x1 value, and i will be getting 1x1 coach down the line, but for now, i’m just completing the training plans i’ve purchased.
I understand that more doesn’t always equate to better. I’m doing extra 30 mins, or 1h because atm, i have the time to do it, and it’s my understanding that adding Z2 is beneficial as long as it doesn’t impact on recovery.
I have no goals this year due to the whole pandemic thing, so i’m just training to get fitter pretty much.
i’m 39 years old, gave up smoking in February, trying to lose weight and just started to take cycling seriously.
Plan is to take part in Fondos next year, and long term goals are to reach at least 4w/kg.

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You can actually mark every workout “Completed as planned” and they will be green no matter what. (I believe it’s an OCD issue, not a training issue)

You can do this in the mobile app, not on the web interface

I tried that, but for some reason they stayed yellow…
But in any case, tyvm for the help.