Trainingpeaks keeping workouts green

So Trainingpeaks makes workout colors, green, yellow or red based on workout time, not TSS. I just found that out the last couple of weeks with several workouts. Once, I exceeded the time but got the right TSS: yellow. Two resting day ones when I met the time but did not get the TSS ( ignoring the power and only focusing on easy heart rates) both green.

You can set it to do colors based on TSS though. Settings>Layout>Calendar>Compliance then reorder to your desires.


Julio, thanks for asking the question as I have been wondering about this as well. Jake, do you have a go to standard that you would recommend? Do have a recommendation on which order you prefer as a coach? Thanks in advance!

I think you want @Jake for your answer, I’m just some random rider :wink:

I do it in this order in case you care; TSS, Time, Distance. I could care less about distance though.

My bad…thanks for the input though!

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When Im a coach I look at both to see if an athlete actually followed the plan. But we do have some workouts that are TSS based goals as opposed, that do not even have a duration set, so maybe best to set to TSS. TSS is the actual workload you did on a particular day.

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Based on a podcast where Jake talked about recovery days, on recovery days it was suggested to forget about power and focus on heart rate so on those days I assume time is more important than TSS and on the other days TSS is more important than time,

Active recovery days you really need to keep power under zone 1 no matter what. Also TSS should be below 25.

In some of our plans now we include zone 2 rides based on heart rate. This is to keep fatigue down before key workouts such as in sweet spot 4 where you do a zone 2 ride the day before Vo2 Max intervals. Over time your heart rate can creep up in zone 2 power but we don’t want you to add that stress. So we say ride by heart rate.