SS 18 week, additional z2 time

Hello, I’m currently on week 3 of the SS 18 week plan. Tomorrow’s workout says “ More is better so ride longer in zone 2 if you can and have time ; tomorrow is an ‘easy’ workout so you can generate some fatigue and still be OK”. How much additional zone 2 time can/should i ride if I feel good? Is there a maximum amount of time?
Last week I had two days that said more is better and ride in z2, so I did 45min one day and only 30 the next, and my workouts turned orange and yellow. Do I just ignore that they weren’t green? Thank you!


Totally depends on the person on how much time to add on if you are able. The key here is making sure that the time that you do add on does not take away from future workouts but on those days its okay to add on a few TSS. So to generalize 30-45minutes tends to be the perfect amount that won’t take away from future efforts.
The color system in TP is just that, so don’t stress that too much. Though if you want to change it to green just adjust the original ride time to match your end time.


I’ve come across this via the search function, so sorry if I bump it. I have both the intermediate and advanced 18 week sweetspot plans. The reason is I fall inbetween the plans with time available, I roughly have 90 mins on weekdays before work to train, can push it a bit more than that but it’s tight and at the weekends I have all day free to train if needed.

My question is, would I be better to add in a bit of Z2 to the intermediate midweek workouts or could I/should I perhaps keep them short but maybe follow the advanced weekend schedule. My CTL when I started the plan a couple of weeks ago was 73. Other than work, I have nothing else that takes up time, no kids, no dog anymore (boo hoo), my wife is a triathlete so is fine with me training. My goal events next season will be time trials varying in length from 10 miles to 100 miles.


It sounds like you have more freedom on the weekends with both training time and time to recover, so I would lean more heavily on those days.