Freestyle Sweet Spot - 45mins Why is it yellow when uploaded to TP?

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I did a search in the forum but couldn’t find the answer to my question.

So today I had a Freestyle Sweet Spot ride where I believe it allots 2hrs & suggests to do a total of 45mins in SS with a TSS goal of 100. So it’s raining here today in Toronto so I did it on the trainer. Did some warm up then some Z2 then did 3 x 15mins SS with 5mins rest between at top end of my Z2 then cool down. Completed 107 TSS in 1hr 27mins with cool down, but the OCD in me is curious as to why it’s yellow once uploaded to TP?

I did 45mins of SS and the IF for the session is 0.86, my 3x15min intervals where essentially right at the top end of my SS power. I felt like I had to hold back on power to be honest which tells me gains are being made and my Avg HR for the 3x15mins intervals was at the very bottom of my SS HR zone!!!


Gavin - A workout in TP will go yellow if you only complete 50%-79% of the total. So, in this case, sounds like you stopped about 10 minutes too soon to get to the 80% threshold needed for green.

Cheers - Greg

Read this and check your layout settings, mine was set to color code by duration (not TSS)


The compliance is defaulted on time. To switch that in TR go to settings, calendar, then compliance and change the order of priority. Hope that helps


Thanks, I took you suggestion and did just that, switched compliance priority from duration to TSS and it worked :+1:


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