More is better?

Hey everyone,

In my workout for the day, under the Pre-Activity Comments it says “more is better so ride longer in zone 2 if you can and have time AS LONG as it doesn’t affect your recovery and POWER OUTPUT for the workouts downstream”. Is this suggesting that I can ride in Zone 2 prior to completing todays workout? I’m used to riding for more than an hour a day and would be psyched to put in a hour of zone 2 before doing the 1 hour sweet spot workout.



That is correct. We have those notes placed in our plans to allow for those that do have some extra time to get in some extra Z2/foundation time. Again make sure that doesn’t effect your ability to recovery down the line through the plan. So more time training = more time devoted to recovery.


Thank you! I have nothing but time these days!

One more quick question. Should I add the Zone 2 riding into the workout plan for the day on Training Peaks or should I just ride for an hour in Zone 2 and then start the planned workout when I’m ready to hit it?

Totally up to you on that one, whatever is easiest for you.

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