Too early for sweet spot?

Just a quick question. I’m 2 weeks into resistance training. I had a 2 hour zone 2 ride on the schedule. I’m on the trainer so instead I did a 1 hour 3x8 sweet spot with bursts. Is it too early for me to sweet spot?

Thanks again!

I think this is fine @ervinhunt - you can’t do 2 hours of z2 on the trainer so your plan B is 1 hour with sweet spot as you did so nice call.

Another metric you can look at is TSS - so your 2 hours of z2 probably called for somewhere around 100 TSS so your 1 hour with sweet spot can be 70 following the 30% less rule for plan B indoor rides.

Hope that helps and we’ll still count this as #FtFP’ing :muscle:

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Awe yeah. Perfect. Thank you so much.

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