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So the 18 weeks of sweet spot has the rest weeks built into those 3 plans. If you purchase them separately (as I suggested) you will need to add in a rest week (should keep a pattern of 3 weeks on and 1 week rest). The reason I suggested to purchase them separately is because you have ~22 weeks until your first event, the Wicklow 200. It is important to do race specific intervals/training before the event (which would be the hill climbing intervals or gran fondo plan). Thus with the time you have, you can do:
SS part 1 (6 weeks)
SS part 2 (6 weeks - moving the rest week up to week 2 instead of week 4)
1 week rest & then
Hill Climbing Plan (6 weeks)
= 19 weeks

Now you COULD get the 18 weeks of SS plan and train through week 16 (which is a rest week) and then jump into the gran fondo plan which will include a taper into your event. That will put you right at 22 weeks. If you can start next week this actually may be more ideal as you can reuse the 18 week plan next season to build up your base again.

I would go with the basic version as I suggested previously, then if your fitness increases and you (or your coach if you choose to go that route at some point) think you can handle more hours all you would need to do is post in here or email me ( and I can swap out your basic plan for the intermediate plan.

The monthly coaching subscription will allow a coach to go in and make adjustments for you, analyze one or two of your workouts each month and answer some of your key questions. If you go this route, you will need to buy those plans + the $39 monthly coaching subscription

Now, the $999 coaching package that I suggested gives you 8 months of coaching (January through August). This package includes custom training plans. It is typically $174 per month, so by getting this package you would be saving over $500. We only offer this special once per year.

With that coaching package, you will have a personal coach (either me, coach jake, coach allie or coach isaiah) who will assess your training every week and give you:

  • A custom training plan for you that sets you up for your goal races and/or personal fitness goals
  • weekly adjustments if you miss a workout or have something come up and need to move workouts around
  • feedback on how to improve
  • analysis of your power data

Here is a podcast that you may find helpful too :slight_smile:

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