Ss4 progress and testing

Thanks fascat team this is great plan perfect plan after the 5 week block I did prior of 80/20. (8 weeks between testing) Frank recovery is my friend this is so important and I’m glad you did that podcast opened my eyes more.
It’s so easy to over do it.

Did some lab testing today as I’m in recovery week and the numbers are moving great. My LT1 was the most surprising up 25 watts.
Lt2 was also up around 8 watts so all is well and reached an extra step in the step test as well.
Well structured plan Frank and team I have been recommending this plan.
Looking forward to the tabs next week.

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Right on @micko119 :muscle: - thanks for sharing - sounds like you are putting ‘it ALL’ together: FtFP’ing, recovery bet you are winning in the kitchen too.

Did your 20 minute Field Test go up too? Bet so.

Here is the recovery podcast for everybody else as well as our Tabata training tip - 170% :boom:

Hey Frank
Doing the 20 min effort on Saturday as per plan or possibly hour power as it should be close to Lt2 Pretty confident there will be some nice numbers. I will use my 4 mml Lt2 tho as FTP.

Today was meant to be the 2 x 10 so I did lab test instead.
Once again I really appreciate all the work you guys put into getting good quality info out to all us riders.

The hill climbing int plan is perfect line up for my event next as I have some work to do around 100-108% range. Need some quality durability in this.

I still recommend a 20 or 60 minute field test bc I have research from my lab that many athletes can sustain power > 4mmol for 60 minutes

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Thanks Frank good read

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