To lift or not to lift?

Just so @FRANK @Jake don’t want to shoot me for asking this is not a question about the benefits of lifting. I am 100% believer that lifting is extremely important and was looking forward to #FTFP

Late October I started the 10 week weight lifting block (after my two weeks off the bike) and subsequently hurt my calf/knee (non cycling related) a couple of weeks in. The last month has been a crap show to say the least trying to get healthy again. Last week I did get a nice 9 hr week of riding pain free doing nothing but endurance paced rides so I feel I am ready to roll again.

I was hoping to start the 18 week SS plan on 1/5 but not sure what benefits if any I will really get out of the weight lifting plan over a very short 4 weeks. The question is should I bag the weightlifting plan all together and just focus on a more polarized approach for December to get base miles in and then jump into the SS plan mentioned above?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! #injuriessuck

Thank you!

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It all depends on what your goals are and when they take place. This is where hiring a Coach is of immense value because you are looking at the branches on the tree with this question when I’m trying to see the forest :slight_smile:

What and when - let’s start there because “Timing is Everything” :slight_smile: