UK lockdown and gyms

Dear Fascats

First of all I just want to say how the plans I’ve used this year have improved my performance as a cyclist. The plans are flexible enough for me and my home life, to achieve my goals and allowed enough recovery time to go again.

With the UK in lockdown and gyms closing I now face the issue where I can no longer access resistance training, as I do not have room for a squat rack etc at home and the cost is also prohibitive. My plan b is to move to the eighteen week sweet spot training plan along with the weight loss plan. How does this sound? However, is there anything else I can do to supplement this in regards to resistance work? It’s a shame as I’d reached the hypertrophy stage though the lockdown is for a good reason.

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hello mate
I think there are a few of us Brits in the same boat. There’s a thread a bit further down which has a few peoples experiences.
I’m just about to finish the hypertrophy stage and will be really interested to see what the coaches say to us

Thanks Andrew1 - will take a look

Sorry about the lockdown, darn COVID - ruining all these elegant training plan plans!!

The weight loss meal plan is always a good idea for everyone right now. Get a jump on the weight loos now before the intensity and volume of your training ratchets up late winter and the early spring.

For your resistance training you could get into the At Home Program and not do the squat but do the ViPR’s and kettlebells along with the 18 weeks sweet spot

You’d do a fair bit of editing per your time frame each day but this approach would provide a nice solution to not being able to goto the gym AND would continue the gainz :muscle:


Thanks Frank - I’ll take a look at this. Hope all are safe well there

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Similarly to Franks advice I have 4, 6, 8kg kettle bells and a 4kg vipr tube arriving on the weekend. Likewise I have no way to squat but may consider a bag of books… but holding the bag in a bear hug out front!

Per my other posts I complete the strength phase this Wednesday (pulled forward by a day to beat the lockdown). I then have 7 weeks completed when gyms shut so will attempt the home plan exercises with low weights and speed for the last 3 weeks as a substitute for power phase.

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A bag of books - now that’s a great idea !!!

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Hi Frank
Well the 4 weeks lockdown is nearly over and gyms open tomorrow. (weds 2nd Dec) and I wanted to check what you recommend.
I was just about to enter the strength period. I have started the SS1 work and I’m really enjoying it.
If I go back to the gym what stage, in the plan, do I go back and what weights would I go back to?
Thanks in advance

Hi @andrew1 -

I suggest doing a week of Adaptation to reacquaint your legs with the lifting and then begin the Strength Phase where you left off.

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so stop the SS work?

correct yes - FtFP your weight lifting plan and then begin your sweet spot phase once you’ve completed your weights