Missed a Ride today, tomorrow is off

Today was supposed to be 1 hour with two sets of 1min hard, followed by 9 minutes threshold. I wasn’t able to complete it because of homework.

Tomorrow is a day off. What can I do to make this up?

Thank you,

It’s really hard to play catch up. Since you have hard Vo2 max intervals tomorrow you don’t want to go out today and ride hard. That would hurt those efforts, and then the following days as well.

You should just move everything up a day now and Sunday be endurance zone 2 day, maybe 2 hours. This way you don’t miss two days of riding but still get to more intense intervals while fresh. Then for todays Vo2 Max efforts with the first one in each set start from a stopped position like a mountain bike start. So this way you do get to practice your starts like yesterdays workout was suppose to be.

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