Adjusting week for Labor Day ride

Hi Jake

I did a 3:30 hour 195 TSS today (Labor Day). Too nice a day not to ride. Would like your thoughts on how to change the rest of the week. Should I just take Tuesday off and do my VO2max on Wednesday, SS on Thursday and Friday off? Or push everything a day meaning I go straight into the weekend?


You should do Tuesday off, Wednesday easy zone 2 and Thursday Vo2 max. The Vo2 max workout is the key workout and you need to be fresh for that! By doing nearly 195 TSS on Monday you have got more work in that day than you would have got by doing the sweet spot work so not really missing the work you would have got from that ride. Then continue with the plan as is after that with Friday off and onto the weekend!

Great thanks Jake. That makes sense. Will make the adjustments. Was nice to get a long ride on such a nice day

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Absolutely. We had a thread going on about Labor Day rides. Glad you had some good weather!