What training plan(s) suggestions

My ultimate goal is to complete and Everesting in the first couple weeks of October of this year. I currently am just starting my first Fascat plan Sweet Spot Part 1 which will end Mid March. Current FTP is 225(3.6 W/KG). Just want some suggestions on training plans going forward the rest of the year. The only other event I’m targeting this year will be 2-3 weeks before the Everesting.

Hi @cameron.goins - after you finish your sweet spot part 1 keep building your base and raising your CTL with sweet spot parts 2 & 3.

Then our hill climbing intervals plan:

This is the same style of training I had Phil do for his Everest attempt!

@FRANK That still leaves me about 10 weeks to fill. What would you recommend I finish off with?

I’d also check out Phil’s Strava Plan that works your threshold climbing power

That gives you 4 weeks to play around with - rest weeks, tapers, etc… Why October? Can you do it earlier? You’ll certainly be ready if you FtFP all these plans.