Looking forward to getting outdoors, question about week day group rides

My local cycling club only does Wednesday night group rides. Obviously want to FTFP but I also don’t want to miss out on the one social ride that is in my area every week. It’s typically lasts 2-2.5 hours depending on overall speed of the group. Even when I pull I’m usually just in Sweet Spot or Tempo. Would it be ok to just add extra time to Wednesday rides essentially and leave the rest of the plan alone? Extra credit hour or good way to not get the gains I’m looking for? Currently in week 4 of 18 weeks of Sweet Spot Intermediate.

Hey @cameron.goins you can definitely work those rides into your plan and still FtFP!
Basically you can stick to your plan, adding in the group ride on Wednesday. Be sure to stick to the SS or tempo so that you are not blowing your planned TSS out of the water. If in the upcoming weeks you feel that you are doing too much volume along with that group ride, cut back a little bit of the zone 2 on your thursday rides. That will also help you to say on target for your planned TSS

Also, check out this video:

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