Fitting Cycling Group Rides into Structured Training

With the lack of races, many athletes are searching for some socially distanced socialization on the bike. But you might be wondering if you can do this and still #FtFP?! Coach Frank and Jackson give you the low down on how to make it work!

How do YOU “find the balance?” Drop us a comment below!


Depending on what the type of work I was doing I would ride to and from a group ride and look to do my efforts then.

Say I wanted to get in 45 - 60 minutes of sweet spot on that day. I would do a 10 - 20 minute sweet spot effort on my way to the group. Then depending on the intensity of the group ride I could throw another 10 minute sweet spot effort on the way home. Doing the little effort before made me more relaxed for the group ride knowing I already had got some of the work I wanted in on the day and I could roll more with the group pace with less stress and enjoy it for what it was.

Or another thing is doing race winning type intervals after the group ride. This works well for the group rides that aren’t the most intense. Ripping out 2 x 3 minute Vo2 Max intervals, 3 x 1 minute full gas, sprints, or etc after the group ride. Treating it like the end of a hard race and make those last few moves to win a race.

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Love those tips Jake! Especially riding to the group ride, that is an awesome way to get the blood flowing and make sure you #FtFP!
For me, I usually opt for those “race winning” intervals you are referring to after the ride if I need more intensity. Though this is usually not the case, as I am often the only girl in the group… which typically means my legs are ripped off. :joy::grimacing:
BUT when they aren’t I will throw in those efforts to get the TSS I need!