Weekend rides, TSS or time

Hi there. Sorry if this question has been asked before. I didn’t find it in the forums. I am doing SS1 and my question is regarding my outdoors weekend rides. In my outdoor ride last weekend I did not hit the prescribed TSS in the workout time ( it was 1:30 hours) so I kept riding for 20 more minutes until I hit the TSS goal. The question is: I assume is more important to hit the TSS target than the precribed time. Is this correct? I ask because in my trainingpeaks this workout was marked in yellow, I assume because I went over the prescribed time. Thanks!

Hello @julio.gaviria - ideally you hit the TSS in the prescribed time

Analyze your power data from your ride to identify why not and use that information to hit the TSS in the prescribed duration for your next outdoor ride :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Yes, than you. Maybe I forgot to add that I was riding with a slower group so that is why I could not up the intensity and still be with them. So I assume the main goal is to hit the target TSS. Obviously the other option is to ride with a stronger group.

Aha - see - you answered your own question to FtFP better: ride with the stronger group There’s a fair bit of technique to apply to these rides:

solo or with a group (best to social distance)
stronger / equal / less strong riders.

We have a training tip on how to sweet spot train on a group ride:
-ride in the wind with a slower group
-hang on if its a stronger group
-choose the right group

Similar to this type of question. When group riding starts again in the UK- looking at some of the groups rides I’ve been on- I’ve come back with NP in the Sweetpot range but my average power was sixty Watts lower and i’d only spent 30 mins in the SS power range- TSS was about 5 over for the day’s target- does this equate to success for a Saturday ride?

Hard to say @natpalmer86 without being able to analyze your power file to see what’s going on and understand the nature of your question.

We do have a Coaching Subscription for just this if you want to attach your TrainingPeaks account to ours and have Coach @Jake go into your group rides and analyze the power data: