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Hi all

I’m taking part in the Audax ride - London Edinburgh London - a 1500 km ride to be completed in 125 hours. It begins on the 7 August

This isn’t a race but the 125 hours is the time limit.

I’ve completed the sweet spot intermediate plan, which I adapted to include long rides - 200 km, 300 km and 330 kms as well as 160 kms rides and 100 kms. I’ve also taken part in 1 hour full on chain gangs.

My plan is to start the intermediate polarised plan, but also include longer rides which could include a 600 km weekend, and then taper from mid to late June.

I thought the more intense VO2 work would help with the hills while the sweet spot and zone 2 would help maintain aerobic fitness.

Does this sound like a reasonable plan? What would a taper look like for event like this and how will you ever know you are ready for it?

Also, my weight loss has stalled at 210 pounds after losing 28 lbs since New Year. Would like to lose some more. Any thoughts on this?

I should add I’m 49 years old - ftp is around 300 watts.

The fascat plans have always helped me achieve my goals and gave a lot of faith in them as I’m no natural athlete.

I think so, the sweet spot part 4 plan has long rides on Saturdays that you can make longer to be specific for your event. The 2 days rest will give you the ability to recovery and hit your VO2’s well.

A 2 week taper looks like this plan and here are two of our bests training tips and podcasts on using the performance manager chart to taper and peak!

For nutrition see our two meal plans - start with the intro and move onto the weight loss one that’s based on your gender, activity level and current body weight!

Hope those help - good luck and let us know if you have any further questions!

Thank you Frank, the Fascat advice is always appreciated. I’ll listen to those podcasts. I have the advanced meal planners. Would that be too many calories if I’m doing an intermediate training plan, albeit tweaked?