Keep with SS or...?

I just completed round 2 of SS3, but still no solid dates in sight for when racing will start up again. Was thinking about doing the Corona plan now, but wondering if I should throw in some more base building with another round of SS3, thoughts?

How’s your CTL ? As in you could keep sweet spot tin’ to build a bigger base.

Feel free to post a pic of your PMC here

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Hey Frank,

Don’t currently have premium TP to provide a pic. My bet is more base is a good idea, just don’t want to be lacking some top end snap should racing resume.


Working back from a hypothetical Aug 1st you have at least 6 weeks of not more to build moar base

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Thanks Frank! Was afraid you say that cause now I gotta deal with the “diabolical” intervals again for a 3rd time :face_vomiting:

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