Saturday blues?

I am roughly halfway into SS18 plan. I’ve been really happy with my progress, it feels like zones have gotten easier after the last restoration week.

With a rough week, higher than usual stress @ work, wife replaced furniture in 2 rooms so I was dealing with deliveries and setup during workdays, and FTFP’ing, I really struggled on the Saturday ride today.

FTFP has 3h/3h rides this weekend and a regen week after next week (yay). I eked out an hour ride today before I gave up and headed home (comments in TrainingPeaks).

With tomorrow(Sunday) being a Z2 day my thoughts are to focus on taking the rest of today easy and doing all/most of Sunday’s ride. If that’s not the best action, I’d be grateful for some advice and/or a plan adjustment to be back on track for Tuesday.

Thanks Coaches!

Hopefully after some rest today and the shorter then planned ride today you are good for tomorrow. Keep some 2 tomorrow. Try to start early in the cooler weather if possible. Though try to get 9 hours of sleep.

Then off today on Monday is another rest day before the last week in the build. It’s not easy and it does get considerably harder further into the training plan. Bunker down, get 9 hours of sleep, and #winninginthekitchen


Thanks Jake. That’s what I figured/hoped would be the best route. And you’re not kidding, I remember SS3 last year whipped me so I know I have that to look forward to.

Have a great rest-of-weekend!

And go back to your goals and what you are training for and see if you can derive some motivation from that :trophy::medal_sports:

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