Interrupted Plan

Hey guys,
We just had a new baby girl about 3 weeks ago. I was about halfway on my 16 week weight lifting + Sweet spot plan. I haven’t been able to train consistently since then. I want to start training again next week but I don’t know where to start. Should I pick up where I left? Do I have to repeat some weeks? Thank you fascats!


Hey @ozzy , congrats on your new addition!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My first question would be do you have any races planned? Cause that will impact what I would recommend is best for you do do

Thanks Lacey. Babies don’t know nothing about daddy racing haha.
I really don’t have any “A” races until probably the fall. With the current situation many decided move their races until the EOY. Probably there will some local races starting in Feb/March. Also the Wed/Thu night worlds beginning in April.

I dont know from experience (though Coach @FRANK and @Jake do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but can imagine she has very little concern about your watts lol. Thats what FasCat is there for! #dadwatts

If you arent racing until late fall, I would just restart your 16 week plan (which ends with SS part 2) to make sure you reap all the gains from the gym. From there you could do SS part 3 and even part 4 if things get pushed back even further. Then 6-8 weeks out from your first A race, jump into race specific intervals (8 weeks if the interval plan does not include a taper). While doing your SS plans you can just train through those local races, using them as your SS group rides on the weekends. The Wed/Thu night worlds could be tricky if you are going too hard. We have a helpful forum thread here that touches on this. Feel free to chime in there with any questions if you like! :slight_smile: