Advice on how to move forward after interuption

Hey Team!

So before our beautiful baby came I was doing the 30 week offseason and right before the sweet spot session begun she arrived. Now I’ve been off for a month and don’t truly have any plans for racing or riding and my main goal is maintaining fitness with maybe a fondo in the summer. I was planning on restarting that segment block next week but I think my hour block is down to 3-7 hours a week optimistically. Any guidance is truly appreciated.

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

Which level plan do you have? Basic, Intermediate or Advanced?

Hey Christian!

Thank you! And I’m currently on basic

Congratulations! isn’t it amazing! I’m in a pretty similar position, my wife gave birth to our first earlier this month. Whilst I would love to FTFP being a good dad is more important than cycling for me this year. My plan is to try and ride four times a week, two of those a bit harder than comfortable, (threshold/sweetspot) two times slightly more easily (tempo/zone 2) for both-less time =more the higher intensity option for the next month or two, and than look to move to a plan once I have a better idea of what my new life looks like with the kid. Will be interesting to see what the coaches suggest.

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In that case, I agree with your instinct to re-start at the beginning of the sweet spot portion of the plan.

As far as managing on lower volume, not much to stay. Do as many of the workouts as you can, and when you have to skip workouts, prioritize the harder workouts.

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