Indoor training and rest days

After the covid restrictions around where I live forced me to do only indoor training, my training volume has dropped significantly. I do 1 hour of a structured workout from among the fascat plans I have purchased which adds up to about 6-7 hours overall training in a week. When I used to train outdoors I used to do 3 hour rides 2 days a week so the volume was much higher (11-12 hours a week). Now after moving to an ‘only indoors’ routine and with the consequent reduced volume of training, I don’t feel the natural need for a rest day. While I do recovery rides a couple of days a week, I don’t see the need for a completely OFF day. Is it OK to continue this way? Any thoughts?


Thanks for the great question!

Yes to rest days because your body absolutely needs them. As far as the shortened time on the bike goes- you can always add 30 mins of zone 2 to your schedule AND ride harder (z3/z4 mixed) for 2 hours inside.

Hope that helps!
-Coach Allie


Thanks Allie! I shall follow your advice

G’morning @anil.bapat - I would also suggest changing the style of your training per your reduced hours.

Aka as you proposed ride harder during the time you have. When COVID restrictions his last March we developed the COVID indoor plan for athletes around the world that were locked own and indoors only.

This plan leads you thru the 3 > 4 > 5 minute VO2 progression using a fresher is faster approach, to increase your FTP. There is a link to a podcast we recorded about the plan in the product description too but it is here too:

The idea is you adopt this style of training until your restrictions lift and then resume outdoor training and greater volume with your sweet spot and time trial plans. Hope this helps!


Thanks so much for the response Frank. I did a 4DP test on sufferfest and my weakness was clearly ‘sustained power’. So, I have just started the 40K TT plan. Like you and Allie have suggested, I shall add some additional Z2 miles to keep the volume up and push harder on my intervals on the days I feel good. But I will definitely include the rest days as per the plan. I will also check out the Covid plan, for now though I just went overboard and ended up buying 3 fascat plans - 18 weeks of SS, crit and racing intervals and the 40K TT and I’m yet to do any of them ( I was mid way of the crit and racing intervals when I did the sufferfest 4DP test which said my sustained power was the weakness, so have switched over to the 40K TT plan to work on my weakness for now).