Can I split up my 32 week training plan into the discreet blocks?


I’m sure this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find a thread in my search.

I have the 32 week plan and am wondering if there is a way to break out the Foundation, Base 1, Base 2 and Base 3 so they are easier to manage in Trainingpeaks?

For example, if I need a week of recovery after, say Base 2, the plan as applied to my TP calendar doesn’t allow for this adjustment. Whereas if I had each block as a separate plan, I could adjust the new start date.


My understanding from previous query is you have to break up the plan in your TP as it is sold in one slab. It’s one of the drawbacks ,albeita small one, of getting the money-saving 18 weeker rather than the more expensive option of buying the 3x6weeks individually. At least that is my experience. You could always opt for the coaching subscription which will sort the plan out as you wish.
Hope that makes sense.

You basically have 2 options here. Get the coaching subscription as @efty19 suggested & they can do it for you or upgrade to Traingpeaks Premium and you can do it yourself by following the steps in this link HOW TO ADJUST YOUR FASCAT TRAINING PLAN
If my memory serves me correctly 32 weeks is made up of 3 weeks foundation+10Weeks Resistance+SS1+SS2+SS3 = 31 Weeks and the remaining week I think was an extra regeneration week build in somewhere.

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You can also shift your 32 week plan starting from a specific date, thus could add in a rest week if you wanted to. Details on how to do that are in this thread:


But as @efty19 and @malcolm.isaacs mentioned, we can adjust your plan for you to fit your schedule/needs with the coaching subscription :slight_smile:

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