Getting Back after Unexpected Work Stress

Hello FasCats!
I completed the 17 weeks base - weights intermediate about 2 weeks ago. Also at that time, something occurred at work which required that I work quite literally around the clock for the last 12-13 days. (About 6:30AM- 1AM each day in a high stress environment). So during this time I was only physically and mentally capable to squeeze in a bike ride (wouldn’t even call it training really !) every 2-3 days.
My question is what do you suggest to get back to training, where should I start? Thank you!!!

Hiya @hannahmarshall -

You are in luck bc I have 3 recommendations

#1 do a week or so of generally riding to re-establish consistency

#2 then do a week from your previous sweet spot plan (copy and paste into your calendar)

#3 pull the trigger on the next plans in progression
Sweet Spot Parts 2 & 3 & 4

and then (!) Switch from base to Race and choose a race specific interval training plan

Hope that helps - g’luck with your training!

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Thanks so much for the quick response. I’m on it!