Illness intervention

Completed SS2 & SS3 with great effect. Moved into RR intervals and only able to enjoy 1 week before nasty head cold, sick for 2 weeks, looking to get back into plan, do i resume on week2 or pick up a modified week 5? my default is modified week5.

Kind of depends when and if you have an event planned. I like to give people a few days to work back into the intensity. So the first workout back wouldn’t be something like vo2 max intervals. Maybe a sweet spot worktout and then crisscross workout with some higher intensity mixed in before resuming the plan.

If you don’t have a race planned in the near future you could start back with week 2 of the plan. Of you could just start with week 1. Instead of the field test on Tuesday just do a sweet spot 3 x 12 minute workout to open back up. Then resume the plan.

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makes prefect sense, thanks for the reassurance Jake.

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