Sick after 18 week sweet spot base plan

Hello FasCats,

last weekend I finished the “18 weeks sweet spot base” plan. For this week I have planned a regeneration week before the start of the “hill climbing intervals” plan. Unfortunately I got sick a few days ago and could not train this week. My recovery will presumably last until at least the first days of the next week.

I have no race planned for the near future and I am thinking about the optimal return to training and start of the intervals. So my questions are:

  • Probably it would be the best to start with some endurance, tempo or sweet spot work before I execute the threshold intervals of the plan?

  • This training break will obviously lower my CTL before I switch to the intervals, especially if this means a reduced training stress for about 1,5-2 weeks. Would it therefore be better to repeat e. g. the last two weeks of the sweet spot plan to raise my CTL again to achieve the optimal benefit of the hill climbing intervals or can I go straight to the intervals?

Thanks in advance

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How are you feeling now? Can you train the next 3 days? If you can get some of the rides planned this week in this weekend you should be good to move on. What you want to do is just an easy zone 2 spin today. If still feeling good after that tomorrow try some sweet spot efforts tomorrow to open back up a bit and get some effort in the legs. Sunday something a little lighter but longer, maybe 2 - 2.5 hours max. Recover Monday and you should be good to go.

The start of the interval doesn’t have any super long efforts so you should be able to ease into it. You could skip the field test as well. Do you feel like you need it? You probably had one recently in the 18 week plan. You could just 2 x 10 minute threshold efforts with 5 minutes rest between. Again to help open up after being sick and some time off.