Move Hypertrophy Phase

I’ve been doing my best to FTFP, but life has stepped in more often than not and said “not today.” I have done my best to complete all the on bike workouts, but that has left me coming up short in the Adaptation phase of weight training.
I’m following the 30 week off season (intermediate) plan. My question is, should I move the hypertrophy phase back a few weeks to get more adaptation in, or FTFP as is? I have not had any difficulties in finishing the bike workouts, but I also realize I’ve not carrying the fatigue I would be if I were completing all scheduled workouts.

My goals for this year are Assault on Mt Mitchell in May, so I will be doing the hill climb training plan around the end of April. After a rest period I plan to begin the 40K TT plan to start training for the state TT championship.

Thanks FasCats!


Did you already have older plans you were using or are on the optimized app where you can change plans?

So here is my thoughts for you with Mt. Mitchell being being a gaol and in May.

First you should get in at least 12 weeks of sweet spot training before starting your 6 interval plan. So in reality that needs to start sooner than later. I ask if you have the app because you can easily change plans since you have access to our entire library. I would highly recommend just going with our 16 week strength and condition + base! This would give you the best of both worlds. Can continue with strength building but also start on building that base.

Then as far as interval plan to do afterwards you mention climbing interval plan. That is a fantastic plan! However the assault on Mt. Mitchell is a 110 mile ride with the last 25 miles of it basically all uphill. Even though this is a hill climb it is largely an aerobic effort that will take upwards of 2 hours or more! So the short intense intervals of the hill climb plan may not be the best option. Plus weekend rides tend to be shorter on this plan when you should be going longer to continue to improve that aerobic engine.

I would recommend Phil’s Fondo plan as a replacement. You still get some great climbing interval efforts and intensity but you will also be focused on more longer efforts and longer weekend rides to simulate the Assault on Mt. Mitchell better.

You can still use the plans you have but the above is my ideal proposal. I would only move hypertrophy back if you didn’t feel comfortable lifting heavier weights yet. The adaptation phase is about getting your muscles ready to lift heavy weights. This is to help prevent injury or being overly sore. If you need a week to be more prepared take a week and add in a week of adaptation.

When you do start the climbing plan if that is the route you go I would suggest you add in longer weekend rides. For the climbing intervals on the weekend rides add in 2 or 3 longer sweet spot / zone 4 climbing efforts. Instead of the 15 minute efforts do 20 - 25 minutes upper end of sweet spot. Maybe even one day focus on a 5 hour ride where the efforts are on the back end.

Good luck! It is an awesome event! Make sure you stay fueled and hydrated on it. Top off at the Marion rest stop at the bottom as it is all uphill from there.

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I only have the 30 week off season w/ weights & sweet spot base so far. I do have the Optimize app, but I’m using TrainingPeaks for now as I don’t yet have a device that measures HRV (pulling the trigger on that soon).
I’ll switch to the plans you recommend. I did read on here where you won it one year!
I don’t see a timeframe for the Fondo training plan, if I start the 16 week strength & conditioning + base this week, I won’t complete it until the end of April. Is that enough time to complete the fondo plan?

I would like the Fondo plan up to where you start it exactly 6 weeks before. So you may need to end the 16 week plan early. Also before you start the Fondo plan you will need a week of recovery so you can start that fresh. So repeat a regeneration week.

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Thanks for all the help, Jake!

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