How to pause and restart plan

My wife and I signed up for the 16 week resistance training with sweet spot and started the first week of November after trying out FasCat with the 3 week Foundation plan. On Saturday of that first week my wife crashed on the bike, breaking three ribs, along with soft tissue damage in multiple places and some road rash. She’s out for at least 6-8 weeks as estimated by her doctor. We had planned to train together as we are preparing for some events in mid to late summer, 2021. How can I stay focused and how can she take a pause from the program and somehow reconnect/realign given this setback?

Thanks in advance.

Oh no! Sorry to hear Greg! I hope she is doing ok and recovery goes well. Make sure she follows all the doctors advice and does not rush back at all. Fully recovery! That is most important. With summer goals it is still very early in the training process.

You will just need to FtFP. So follow the plan. Use the plan as your motivation and getting through the training.

For her she can simply unapply the plan and then reapply when she is able to start back up.

My recommendation if you want to line back up together is having her start back up with the foundation plan. Ideally this could happen 3 or 4 weeks before you finish the resistance training plan and start the 6 weeks of base training. At this point she can reapply the weights + base plan to start. Remembering to have the starting date 10 weeks earlier and just deleting the first 10 weeks of the plan. Sorry no way to separate the plans.

Again I hope she recover wells and sorry to hear about the accident.

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Hi Jake,

Thanks for the quick response. I’m not sure I completely follow the part “My recommendation if you want to line back up together…”

Dottie just removed her plan from the calendar and her calendar is clear now. She had only done three or four days of the 16 week R+SS plan anyway. Given her fitness background and general health, she will likely not repeat the foundation and just reschedule the plan on a date that she and her doctor agree on.

The biggest challenge for us is that we do everything together. Being on a different schedule with different workouts will make it even more difficult to train together. I was just looking for a way to re-align. Are you suggesting that I repeat my Resistance portion of the R+SS plan when she restarts hers? I’m not opposed to doing that at all, so long as it isn’t detrimental to the overall “FtFP”.

Thanks again for the feedback!
Greg Wood (The displaced Hoosier in Texas) :wink:

I was suggesting that she starts with an easier plan to start with since she will be coming off the injury, hence the foundation plan. Then you could both start the base portion of the resistance plan together, having her forgo the resistance training this year. That is a 10 week plan and before any serious riding / race goals you want to have plenty of time to complete base training and interval training.

I would not recommend doing the resistance training phase twice. But if both want to complete that together I would recommend you doing our sweet spot 1 plan right now. This is basic sweet spot work. It will help build some fitness, keep some motivation and keep you riding. That is a 6 week plan. This gives her time to heal. Then at the completion of that 6 weeks you could both start the weights and base plan together.

Does that make sense?

I’m actually a displaced Wolverine living in Indiana. Lol. However I’m approaching that tipping point where I have actually lived in Indiana longer than Michigan.

Ah, thanks. I understand. I like the option of the of me starting a separate SS plan and re-aligning with her later. I think I will do that, as the weather here in Texas has been awesome and I’m itching to ride more anyway.

We both started Zwifting recently, aside from my ride with you and the group last week, I had only done my first ever FTP. Dottie started a few days ago and is just riding super easy at or below her zone 1 just to have some movement in her legs. It’s not causing her any discomfort in any way, so she is likely to keep doing that every day until she is ready to get outdoors.

Is there anyway I can just remove all of the future workouts from my calendar under the current 16 week R+SS plan, thus keeping the workouts already completed, and then re-add the plan to my calendar when she restarts? I’m an ex-IT profession and admitted data-junkie and would hate to lose all that data on my workout calendar in TP.

Thanks again!

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If you just go to your Training plans in your TrainingPeaks library you can click unapply plan. This will remove the plan and future workouts. Nothing you have done will go away. Then when both are ready to start you can click apply plan and choose the new starting date. The plans are yours for life so you can do that as needed.

Great! Thanks for all the help! Much appreciated.