New Members - question about changing within the plan

Hi, my wife and I started with the Fall Foundation plan, just to stick our toe in the water, so to speak. We are going to go into another plan after this, most likely the 16 week Resistance Training + Sweet Spot. We are doing the Intermediate Level currently in the Foundation, but feel like we have more time to commit. When we start the 16 Week Resistance Training + Sweet Spot plan, can we start with the Intermediate Level and then move up to the Advanced if we feel we can put in more time? Or are we bound to the level that we start with?

Thanks in advance,

Welcome @Gregory.wood - I’d encourage you to chill out and enjoy the off season - the Fall Foundation plan is not about riding as much as possible.

Save that for your sweet spots plans after you lift. This is all part of your big picture periodization. Spend the extra time you do have doing more yoga, nino’s and foundations. You can add fun riding here and there on your own to - especially the longer Saturday rides.

Also save up some energy for base season and thus ride less now :wink: But if you still want a swap out @Lacey_Rivette can hook up with that

Thanks for the quick response. I was inquiring about the next phase once we undertake it, not the current foundational plan. Being new to this we want to ease into it and not over-commit. I’m just asking that if we start the 16 week Resistance + Sweet Spot in a few weeks at the Intermediate level, if we find that we can handle more, can we up it to the Advanced level? I’m returning to structured training after some years away, so conceptually, I understand. Thanks!

If you are over 40 I’d encourage you to stick with the intermediate level unless you have a life situation where you can not only train more but also recover more: aka sit on the couch, sleep more, have time to win in the kitchen, etc…

I’m 56, but in above average shape for a person at my advanced age. I was a competitive cyclist (Cat 2/3) back in the 90’s and have never stopped riding. I own a business and have a lot more time than what I consider to be the norm. I’ll start with the Intermediate and give it 4-6 weeks and see how it goes. I know how to read my body and understand the importance of recovery. My questions really boils down to, “if I want to change my level, is it possible and how”. Thanks again.

easy: just send an email to help @ and we’ll can do that for you.

I’m 49 - ex pro, been cycling non stop for 25 years, work from home, own my own biz, sleep 8+ hours a night, practice winning in the kitchen nutrition, use normatec space legs, (used to get regular massage) and I’m good at 8-12 hours of week. That’s my optimal training volume.

Once I get above 12 hours per week for more than 2 weeks in a row and I can’t hit my power targets , performance declines, and on and on and on :wink: