How much sweet spot?

In the article below, “how much sweet spot should I do”? it mentions that in season a beginner is doing 45mn of SS per day. Does this mean a beginner is prescribed over 5hrs of SS per week? Or does it mean within a training plan, the beginner is hitting 45mns of SS on certain days, ie 2-3 times per week?

Taking beginner as an example but same question applies for all categories - thanks…

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We don’t advocate doing SS workouts 5 days per week!

Quote from the article:

“In this training tip we are explaining how much sweet spot training you should be (or will be, if you are following a plan) doing on the days your training plan prescribes sweet spot training.”

So your second option is correct; 2-3 times per week depending on the training plan you’re on, time of year, etc.


The article has always confused me for targetting amount of sweetspot training time. It says “daily” in orange. See screenshot below. Article comes from: How Much Sweet Spot Training Should You Do? – FasCat Coaching

Agree it was confusing for me also because of that word but the reply above (and common sense in hindsight) now make it clear.

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