Should I rest between SweetSpot plans?

Is it advisable to take a break between sweetspot training plans or should I roll from one to the next? I’m currently doing sweetspot 3 which ends in approx. 3 weeks and will do number 4 next. Any advice please?

Thank you

Repeat the regeneration week in week 4 of the sweet spot 3 plan before continuing with sweet spot 4. This way you can go into the the first 3 week build of sweet spot 4 fresh. Otherwise you would have a 5 week on and that would not be good. The idea of sweet spot 4 is to go fresh into high intensity workouts so you don’t wan to start behind on that.


Thank you Jake. I am new to this training plan so please excuse my ignorance. What is the regeneration phase from week three? Not sure I understand how to do this. I was planning on loading sweetspot 4 into TrainingPeaks so that it starts back to back with when I end sweetspot 3

So in your sweet spot 3 plan you will have a week that includes workouts labeled “regeneration week”. This should be the 4th week of the plan. It’s a recovery week.

You can copy these workouts and paste them to the week that follows the completion of the sweet spot 3 plan. Go to the three bar menu at the end of the week by summary. You can click on ‘copy’ then you can click on the week you want to add the workouts to and click ‘paste’

The week after this regeneration week is when you should start the sweet spot 4 plan.

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