Can I add more sweet spot than my plan calls for?

I just purchased my first training plan (the intermediate 4-8 hour sweet spot plan) and am really excited to get going!

I’m 4 or 5 weeks into base and I just started adding sweet spot (I’m new to this!) at week 1. I started off slow at 2 x 10 and the gradually worked up to 2x15, 3x12, 2 x20, 2x25 and was just recently able to build up to 3 x20 at sweet spot.

Question: My plan has me starting out at 2 x 10 at sweet spot during the week (and obviously more on the weekend). If I feel OK and not completely worn out, can I add additional sweet spot time to my plan during the week?

That sounds more like our basic plan. Intermediate plan would have a bit more sweet spot. If you believe you can handle more I would suggest you doing the intermediate plan.

Are you new to racing and training? The basic plan is for those who are new to cycling and just getting started.

But I would wait a few weeks before you add anything. The fatigue will add up and you will be doing more efforts later on and longer efforts. You don’t want to be burnt out by the time you get to doing more and longer efforts.

One metric you can watch is your TSB this is your fatigue. In TrainingPeaks they call it your form. Once you start to get below -20 TSB that is doing more work than you are use to doing and can wear you down. So be mindful of that number.