Building up time in sweetspot

Hi I am currently 3 weeks into 16week SS plan.
I currently am building up time in SS on turbo.
I have now booked a week training camp in Gran Canaria (very hilly) loads of SS
how should I adjust my training

Should I do some SS up the alpe for eg or maybe longer endurance rides

Like most cyclists probably impatient when can I start doing 2x20 or hour of power as some of my competitors are doing these type of efforts now. Should I try these on my long rides ?




Sounds like the classic “should I be doing more? itch”. When this happens I suggest athletes step back and remind themselves when their goals are and remember that just because others are doing something doesn’t mean you should be. Everyone has their own training and their own timeline.
If you are 3 weeks into our 18week sweet spot plan, then you are still early on in your base season and should be well out from when you wish to be peaking. So #FTFP and those longer sets will come.
With adding in training camps you will need to adjust your training to allow for the overload period, so usually adding in rest before and a rest week after.
For some tips that I think will help you, out check this out

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