Is rest week every 3rd week really required?

I´m into week 8 of my sweet spot program and I’ve been wondering a bit about why every 3rd week is rest week and not every 4th like a standard program often would be based around?

I’ve been used to doing a quite large amount of training for some years now and I honestly feel that its a bit too much with rest after every two weeks block.
I also feel that it prevents my CTL curve in TP to raise which I find a bit frustrating as I’m pretty dedicated to following my plan.

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What plan is this you speak of?

It’s the sweet spot program.

There’s a few variations. I have 18 weeks of Sweet Spot intermediate and it’s every 4 weeks. I also have the 32 week with foundation and weights which is every 4 weeks during the SS portion. I’m not certain how the SS 1, 2, & 3 plans (6 weeks each) work out but it’s been said here by the coaches you need to modify them a little to line things up.

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It should be every 4th week. Do you buy separate 6 week sweet spot plans? Then they are built as 6 week plans as 3 weeks on, 1 week rest, 2 weeks on.

The 18 week sweet spot plan puts them all together for you with proper rest weeks.