*** @ Home Weight Lifting Plan modification ***

FasCats on the 10 week weight lifting plan - don’t goto the gym. Here is your @ home substitution for the Power Phase. You’ll need to skip the strength and hypertrophy phases until the quarantines are OVER:

Turn the jump squat (or squat for strength and hypertrophy phases] into one with barbells (5-10 lbs or water filled milk jugs) and add the split squat jump:

4 sets :: 10 reps per set , fast , Fast, FAST!

xnay the leg press and leg curl. This allows more time to get in 30 minutes of zone 2 riding before/after [if you have time]

In Summary!
3 Movements:
#1 at home squat jump (body weight or barbells or milk jugs)
#2 at home split squat jump - see the youTube video above
#3 Footwork drills: Short quick steps. Not running strides. Watch this video with ladder steps

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I have related question: I had a medical procedure that interrupted my adaption so I extended it a week. I just started my strength phase today, but now only have gym access for 2 more weeks after this. I am wondering whether to just complete this first week of strength and get in the 2 weeks of power----or, do 2 weeks strength and end on one week of power. I’m leaning toward just completing 1 week strength and 2 power. Thanks for input :slight_smile:

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I think the strength and power phases are two workouts a week so do 3 strength workouts and 3 power workouts. voila! :grinning:

Duh, great idea, thanks! :wink:

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