Which Plan is good for me?

My profile - 47 years - 184 FTP weight 68, Max HR 190 nowadays but it was 202 few years back.

I have been doing polarized for almost 2 months now with 1 session each week of near to 108% And most of the time I complete this 4 X 108% In fact last week I did those 4 mX8 and added another 4 minutes So far I have been training around 7-8 hours including all Z2 rides.

Just to check my progress from polarized, today I did a ride on Zwift to test myself and my average power was 168 for 56 minutes. The race ended for me in 56 Mins. (38 KM ) So I was in Sweet spot and Threshold for entire time. And I was able to surge to close the gap in between and did have something left for sprint. ( Not huge but some power)

My objective is to race mid July 21.

What plan I should choose? Do you suggest polarized plans?

Hi @kedarj - how long have you been training for and what kind of event is it you are preparing for in mid-July?

In any case - we believe in lifting weights and building a big aerobic base are two of the most important aspects of your training that can be of benefit.

You have time to do our weight lifting for cycling and then sweet spot base. In my 20 years of coaching I believe sweet spot training for the masters cyclist to be superior than polarized training

Once you’ve built your base then switch over to high intensity interval training (polarized) and choose the types of intervals specific to your racing discipline as show here.

Hope that helps - good luck with your training.

Thanks a lot Frank.

I have been riding for almost 6 years continuously. But due to work I travel every week Mon to Thu. Hence kind of stuck on my FTP for while. Since this year I did not travel much I got back in shape again.

July I will be travelling for a tour which is 3 day event and have climbing between 1000 to 2000 meters every day and about 120 to 130 KM every day. But I am bit slow, so wanted to improve the speed.

Once you get thru with your off season weights and sweet spot base, :100:work on your threshold climbing for the six weeks prior to your event:

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