Gyms Closed - Resistance Training Plan Alternatives

Coaches, With my gym and others likely to still be closed this fall, can you share some suggestions or podcast or come up with an alternative training plan to the 10-week resistance training program (16 weeks Weights + Base) I’ve used in the past. Thanks.


I’ve been pondering a bit about this too since I credit taking the weight plan seriously this winter to a big part of some success I’m having this year. I just don’t see myself realistically having safe access to the gym for the leg press, and maybe squat rack for this coming winter unless I’m willing to go at freaky late or early hours because my city in general is NOT taking masking or really much of anything seriously. I had kind of planned to visit a trainer at a sports medicine center later this year for replacement recommendations but was also holding out to see what came up here since a “suck it up and go to the gym” isn’t quite the same hard-truth answer as it was pre-covid.

Yea, I am working on a new @ home program. The three pieces of equipment to ideally get are a

squat rack
VIPR tube

Look for a new 10 week resistance training plan by Labor Day-ish :muscle::muscle:


FWIW before COVID hit I had the following:

  • kettlebells (25, 35, 45lbs)
  • dumbbells (10, 15, 20lbs)

and this key piece of equipment:

  • metal outdoor patio bench

Pretty happy with leg gains in week 5 of your 10 week resistance plan with these key substitutions:

I’m built more like a classics guy and will never be mistaken for a climber or GC contender. Also in late fifties and new to lifting, was concerned with proper form but the substitutions above are less technical and already can see a difference in legs. Really really happy with overall improvements in posture and upper body strength (not size) from swinging the kettlebell. :muscle:

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Frank, that’s great. Look forward to what you come up with. The sooner you can specify the specific weights and where we might get them, the better. Since people started setting up home gyms during covid, there is little to no inventory and long lead times for basic weight equipment like racks, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, etc. at the big box and specialty sports stores. The shipping cost for getting weights online, if you can find it at all makes it crazy expensive too. Any body-weight exercises as substitutes would also be great. Thanks

Hi Frank,

Tale of the tape question - what sort of size gains have you seen? Asking because a year ago the leg band grip on my bibs were getting loose - a bit of use it or lose it in the closing years of my 5th decade (I don’t feel old!). Started doing pre-work earlier this year, in anticipation of starting the resistance training plan. In the last month it has become clear the legs are getting bigger. Pulled out the tape measure this morning and was very happy, and hence the reason for my question. After adding two inches of leg muscle I’m looking forward to phases 3 and 4!


I am looking at getting started on olympic style lifts with my dumbell set at home. There are some good resources online for technique. I don’t expect the same results as using the heavier weights at the gym but getting the quick coordinated movements is probably quite applicable to the bike.

I was considering a question for the upcoming Q & A podcast. Then I found this thread. :+1:t3: I will wait for your new home weights plan after Labor Day. Many thanks.

Awesome - I gad the same concerns in the U.K. Great to hear home plan is being developed