UK lockdown and 10 wk resistance training

I’m on the 32 week off season plan and due to start the adaption phase of the resistance program tomorrow. However, in the UK it was announced last night that we are about to start another month of total lockdown, so my gym will be closed for the next month at least, who knows how much longer.

I will therefore have no access to a squat rack, leg press etc. I will have to get creative with what I have at home which is a 10kg weight, some smaller weights and a swiss ball!

The Nino’s equipment, a lot I couldn’t get in the UK anyway, so I was relying on the gym equipment to allow me to improvise a Nino’s workout too, so Nino’s workout is an issue too.

Any suggestions welcome.

Or, do I just abandon the 32 week plan all together, and revert to something more traditional that is not built so much around strength work in the early stages?

Thanks Fascatters!


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I’m in the same place. Maybe worse as am just starting week 7. I plan to complete this by Wednesday but this still leaves me having to stop and miss the entire Power phase.


I’m with you on this. Starting adaptation Day 1 tomorrow also.
Come hell or high water I’m gonna give this my best shot. We will have to improvise and I’m finding alot of alternative suggestions here in the forum. I’m looking on this as an extra challenge and am up for it. We can do this.

In a way I wish I was at week 1 as you can be consistent with the exercise for 10-12 weeks. I will complete strength phase by squeezing in last 2 sessions before gyms close but then really don’t know how to do squat, press, curl equivalent with no equipment

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Similar situation here. Hypertrophy stage to end on Thursday so will miss both Strength and Power stage.
I will not have access to weights for at least 4 weeks.
I’m wondering wether to merely skip to the Sweet spot stage.
Not ideal but I don’t have the budget or the space for a squat rack
Any ideas?

Martin for what its worth
the Nino equipment I bought a skateboard without wheels and matched it will an old roller to make the balancer. Be careful as I went A over T on the first attempt.
I also had a bosun ball.
er that’s it

Afraid I have no ideas as you can tell by being in same position. I have pulled my week forward by 1 day this week so did gym tonight and will do Wed (last day before gym closures). At least that completes 1 more week.

I am ten thinking of buying a kettle bell, vipr and sticking some books in a back pack! With all of that I will come up with some dynamic exercises to try and complete the 3 weeks of power.

Not sure what weights to buy though. May go for 4kg vipr and 8kg kettlebell given I am new to it and only need it for power phase ie lower weights.

Yes - the same issue as described by Andrew1. I’m happy to do lunges, squats but won’t have the room or cash for a squat rack

Me too. I started week 2 of the weights + SS plan today, so lockdown screwing with my adaptation and hypertrophy phases. I could potentially put a squat rack in the garden but its a lot of money for something that I only need for 4 weeks… I don’t intend to give up my gym membership as I like the mental break of “going to the gym” and it includes swimming classes with my daughter etc.

So, reluctantly I think I have to scrap the plan and start it again on 2 December IF GYMS DO IN FACT RE-OPEN THEN. But then we’re going to be in Spain for 2-3 weeks over Christmas - lots of riding but no gym, ARGH! :weary:

Would be great to hear from any of the coaches on this - any ideas? E.g. whilst not ideal, would it be a complete waste of time to get some base miles in the bag before doing the weights phase?


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