Alternative workout to replace weights

Our County in California just went back into a more restricted zone based on the recent uptick in COVID19 cases. My gym will probably be required to close while we are in the new zone.
As a result I’ll miss some of the scheduled weights per the 10 week resistance program. I’m in week 2 of my adaptation phase.

Are there recommendations for on the bike training, such as more Muscle Tension workouts, to replace the missed weights workouts?

Hey Patrick!
In this case we suggest doing one of the following plans until you are able to go back to the gym:

#1 At Home Plan (You will need a squat rack, some athletes have gone the DIY route)

#2 Start sweet spottin’ (any sweet spot plan)

#3 Indoor training plan and resume your weight lifting plan when the gyms reopen


Thank you for the suggestions, Lacey.

Thank you,

Patrick S. O’Rourke

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