Gym closed during resistance program

I have finished 4th week of CX Off Season 24 week Plan : CX Resistance Training + 12 weeks of Sweet Spot : Basic (24 weeks) and my gym have been locked (after one week of hypertrophy). I have 2 questions:

  1. Maybe I can borrow from the gym equipment to perform the squat (bar with weights and racks) but it’s impossible to borrow the press machine. Can I replace leg press by making the squat twice?

  2. If it would be impossible to borrow equipment - what should I do? I don’t want to loose my hard work in the gym before lockdown. I woudl like to save as much as I can. Replace Muscle Tension Intervals for gym session or cut few weeks from the plan and keep going from other week?

Thanks for help

Hey @radek !
If you can get the squat rack, I would suggest doing that and then replacing the leg press with some ViPR exercises. This is what Coach Frank included in the at home weight lifting plan.

Now if getting the rack is not possible and if you will only be out of the gym for 2-3 weeks, then I suggest repeating bike workouts similar to those in the first few weeks of the plan and continue to do the ninos circuit training, revo and yoga. If you cannot get into the gym again anytime soon, it is probably best to move forward with your sweet spotting and include the ninos circuit training 1-2x per week which will help with your bike specific strength and coordination.

If you do decide to move into the sweet spotting and forgo the rest of the weight lifting, I would not advise doing MTI’s as these intervals are most effective in preparing your legs for weight lifting (or if taking a short break, keeping them ready to do gym work) and for reaping the most adaptations from your weight lifting.