Resistance plan scuppered by Gym closures


I have just finished the Hypertrophy phase of the off-season resistance and sweet spot base plan. However, I no longer have access to a gym due to COVID-19 epidemic forcing gyms to close to the public. What do you recommend? Should I jump to the start of the sweet spot base program or is there anything else I can do to complete the resistance lifting phase without access to squat, leg press and leg curl machines? I am so disappointed after FTfP’ing for the past 8 weeks. I feel like it was all for nothing :frowning: The disappointment is making it hard to win in the kitchen and has me scoffing the go slow foods :frowning:


Aw, sucks! We just podcasted about this - its scenario # 3:

We advocate making your own home gym with the strength and conditioning movements we prescribe in our 10 week resistance training plan. You’ll have to let go of the squat, leg press and leg curl from the plan and double down on these strength and conditioning movements and routines

Hi Frank

I didn’t buy the equipment to do Nino’s so I can’t double down on that. Do you think I will retain any benefit from the resistance work that I have done to date if I just jump straight to the start of the Sweet Spot? I am desperate to ride more and I was a little late starting the resistance program anyway.



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I was wandering the same thing? I just finished my hypertrophy as well. Great question!
Thanks dudes

Yes you can - simply adopt the exercise to the equipment. you do have.

Jump up on a chair. Jump rope, Do burpees - no equipment necessary - move your body fast in a circuit fashion for 20-30 minutes. Improvise.

You need only to think creatively to mimc the movements Nino does - its meant to inspire , not to follow precisely.

But I will be missing the main part of the resistance program (i.e. the lifting)? If I just jump to sweet spot will I gain anything from the resistance work that I have done to date?

Yo @arranshearer - edit your plan and pick up the resistance training portion when the gym re-opens.

Thanks Frank. I was thinking start Sweet Spot now and see it through to end of week 6 then if gym reopens restart resistance at power phase and once completed jump to sweet spot part 2? Sound good?

It all depends on what you are training for and when that is.

I was planning to jump from the 32 weeks off season resistance+sweet spot plan at the end of August straight into a HIIT plan such your Phil’s Fondo plan to peak for Phil’s Fondo. I will probably ride Tour de Big Bear , Mammoth GF and a few others as training.

Would MTI’s work as a place holder till the gym reopens?
I don’t really have an a race I just like training. Was hoping to get out and race at some point just wanna be healthy and I think training and chasing numbers is fun.