Gravel training plan question

Hey -

I’m looking at purchasing your gravel training plan. Would I need to purchase a power meter for this to be effective?

I’ve done other prep using RPE and HRZ but have not looked into power meters etc.


Hi Jonathan - you don’t need a powermeter and may use RPE, heart rate and the instructions we include with each workout. Hope that helps!

Hi FasCat coaches @FRANK or @Isaiah,

I"m on the gravel plan and see that this Sunday is a 1/2 gravel simulation. Workout shows 4 hours, 270TSS but states to do 1 hour full gravel simulation. Are you looking for 4 hours with 1 hour being full gas and the other 3 at endurance? Not sure exactly what the workout is expecting. Also, 270 TSS for a 4 hour ride seems high IMO.

Hi @jazzwolfcx - generally the beginning of all gravel races are very hard. You have the pros up front and the rest of us behind trying to hang on.

Most gravel race power files begin with VO2 and supra threshold power that fades into threshold that fades into sweet spot that fades & so forth. Its a slooooow burnout.

Also sometimes the course features terrain that involves a climb (Crusher in the Tushar for example) that contributes to that first hour being crazy hard.

Therefore what we are recommending in this workout is for you to get creative with the terrain/rides you have and go HARD for 1 hour to simulate the beginning of YOUR gravel race. Customize it for what you are training for.

Then the catch is - you do not get to stop and take a break after that hard one hour - you have to KEEP Going (!) just like a gravel race.

270 TSS For a 4 hour ride is representative of what you will do in a Gravel Race (but less so as most gravel races >400). Remember this is a SIMULATION. This is not an easy workout. 270/4 hours = 67.5 TSS/hour >> use TSS displayed in real time on your bike computer to help you stay on the gas during the workout and budget out your energy.

That is a .82 IF so it’s high tempo which is easy for a 20 minute interval but for 4 hours - really really hard.

We are challenging you for sure! “Practice how you want to play” - this is how.


Thanks a lot for the informative reply @FRANK. One more question, just because I’m curious. Usually intervals happen near the beginning of a workout but I noticed most intervals for this plan are in the 2nd half. Just curious as to why the intervals fall so late in these workouts. I assume its to simulate going hard in key race selection moments?



We could do a podcast on ‘fatigue resistance’ but I think people would fall asleep. Suffice it to say FtFP - get tired from riding and then do your interval work - train how you will be force to play (hard moments) at the end of a gravel race - like Steamboat Gravel

I had this same question today. On the same workout. I rode it how I plan to race Unbound. Worked out great. Nap time.

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Way to FtFP @samueltobias - that effort is going to pay off come race day!