First Gravel race advice

I am preparing for my first gravel race of about 120miles and almost 12000ft of climbing. I am about to start the gravel training plan.
I weigh 132lbs and with FTP of 310W. What should be my race strategy in terms of avg power, race tactics, pacing etc. Any tips will be welcome

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@Mat90 your FTP is > 5 w/kg. just show up and pin your number on :rofl:


Assuming you have power on your bike, I’d recommended a IF of .7 to .75 for most of the race. If you have to hit the gas to make a selection great but look for a chance to recover. You should have plenty in the tank to rock the final 20 miles. Good luck and most important, have fun.

I recorded this podcast for you @Mat90

With power like that - try to draft in the front pack and hang on for as long as possible! Good luck