Base to gravel plan

Hey, just looking ahead and when I enter the plans to switch from base to race, the base plan ends on high volume and the gravel plan starts on high volume which means I would have 7 weeks straight of high volume before my A event. If I put a rest week after the base plan, then I would be taking a rest week after only 2 weeks build. What should I do? Was thinking either repeat the last rest week before the gravel plan, which messes up things a little, or brute force the 7 weeks.

Hi @ryanolson - we refer to our plans basic, intermediate and advanced (not high volume or medium or low)

You may move directly from our sixteen weeks of sweet spot plan to our advanced gravel plan (the first week starts off easy) All the weeks in the plan are periodized, for example 12 hours > 14 hours > 16 hours

Definitely do not go

Hope that helps - good luck!

@FRANK Sorry about the term confusion, in “high volume” I meant the highest volume seen in the 2 plans does not drop for 7 weeks. The last 3 weeks of the 16 weeks are 13.5, 14, then 14.75 hours then the 1st week of gravel starts at 15 hours and goes up until the week before the race/end. So TSS does not drop below 830 -1080 for 7 weeks and is a 7-week ramp so I just wanted to be sure that was intentional. I am on advanced plans.

Yes, that is intentional.

Remember the advanced versions are for the 20- 35 year old athletes training to leave no stone unturned, not for masters athletes.

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With 20 years of uninterrupted history and leaving no stone unturned this year so I am going to go for it. Go big or go home! I think I can pull it off.

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I think you can do it provided you get 8 hours of sleep on average every night AND are winning in the kitchen - especially your recovery meals

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Yeah no issues there. Thanks!