Gravel / half marathon

Hi all!

I’m training for a 100 mile gravel ride on March 21st and I just signed up for a half marathon on May 31st.

That been said , do you guys have a program I cam mix with my gravel training? Or do you have any recommendations?

Also after my gravel race on March, I’m going to start doing your sweet spot training.

Thank you for your help!


Hello @memorro - thanks for asking.

We have a gravel training plan here that would be great for your training:

And yes, of course sweet spot training as well - thanks and good luck !

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Hi Frank, now I am doing your Gravel Grinder training program for this 100 mile in March, which I’m enjoying a lot.

My question was leaning more into running program recommendations.

Sorry for not making myself clear.

Thank you!

Ooooh, I gotcha’ :: We do not recommend any running for your cycling events! And then if its running that you are training for that’s beyond our area of expertise, sorry!

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Got it, since I been using a couple of your training programs and love them, I thought to ask you guys before looking somewhere else.

my training is for Bicycle road and gravel, but my girlfriend and I will do a half marathon just for fun.

Thank you for replying!


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